What Do You Know About Italian Pottery/Dinnerware?

I am a great fan of museums as it gives one an in-depth picture of different cultures of different times. Though museums hold many types of artefacts of different times but my interest has always been of pottery and dinnerware stuff used back in times. It is just amazing how civilizations centuries apart seem to have common grounds among these artefacts. Dating back to 6500 BC you find different designs of pottery that keep influencing the today’s Italian pottery.

I mentioned Italian here because I find them mesmerizing in Italian dinnerware designs and somehow with solid base of link with our history. Another reason might be the fact that many of these Italian pottery and dinnerware are collector’s items and pretty expensive.

Since our focus is on Italian ceramics, we need to be clear on our understanding between ceramics, pottery and also Majolica.

‘Ceramic’ is basically clay and is in its basic form to be exact. It is given shape with hand and then decorated with different art to give it beauty. They are treated at high temperature to give them stability and strength. Technically speaking definition of ceramics today includes porcelain and pottery both.

‘Pottery’ is basically a decorative item and as mentioned it is in fact ceramic. It is treated in the same manner as mentioned in treatment of ceramics. Pottery is further divided into three major types which are:

  • Porcelain

It is heated at relatively higher temperature as compared to others and has kaolinite in its clay. The temperature range is somewhere in between 2100 to 2500 Fahrenheit.

  • Earthenware

It is heated at temperature up to 2100 degree Fahrenheit, which is on the lower side as compared to other two. Since it is quite porous in nature it needs to be glazed so that it could hold liquid in it.

  • Stoneware

It is heated at temperature reaching up to 2400 degree Fahrenheit. The clay used in it is quite heavy and so the high temperature. The basic use of it is for the purpose of cooking and so there is no necessity of glazing it.

Few of the Famous Names:

Just to give you an idea of how famous the Italian pottery is among many, here are few of the famous names famous among collectors. I will encourage all of you to search online for these brands to get an idea why these are considered collector’s items and cost so much.

  • Bitossi
  • Marcello Fantoni
  • Aldo Londi
  • Fratelli Fanciullacci
  • Claudio Pulli

The list goes on but I hope this will give you are rough idea of beauty of Italian dinnerware. These items are handmade and hand painted, having some amazing art on them.

Famous Marks of Italian Pottery

Here are few of the ceramic art Marks that are famous among buyers. They have some exquisite designs and art printed on them. They are no doubt on the expensive side but worth the money.

  • Apollo
  • Barettoni
  • Belfiore
  • Cai
  • Cavalli
  • Pizzato Marco
  • Zanolli

I hope this will give a brief introduction of Italian pottery and its technicalities. This article can be especially helpful if you like collecting items of Italian origin.

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