The differences between pottery, ceramics and majolica, with special regard to Italian ceramics

Here is a brief review of the definition of the words Italian Pottery, Italian Ceramics and Italian Majolica. When we know exactly what we are talking about, we will define what they really mean for people. Italian Ceramics Ceramics is the most common term. It is derived from the Greek word "keramos", which means that "clay". In the past, ceramics were [...]

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4 Ways To Make Car Shopping More Simple

Easy Ways To Shop and Save The great thing about car shopping in this climate, is that there are easy ways to Shop and Save. Many websites offer you comprehensive buying [...]

Italian Pottery – How Ceramic Dinnerware Becomes Art

Italian pottery is respectable nowadays, and it is not hard to comprehend why. Ceramics is not only some clay tossed together it can, in fact, become an artwork. You wouldn't [...]

How to Preserve the Beauty of Italian Ceramic Dinnerware

Italian Ceramic Dinnerware
Italian Dinnerware is an investment in beauty and art. However, its artistic value should not prevent the daily use of ceramic cutlery and auxiliary accessories. A little [...]

Plan Your Housewarming Party

If you have purchased your first home, or a brand new one, then chances are high that you will want to throw a party so all of your friends and family can see how great it [...]

Can Italian Pottery Be The Ideal Investment And If So, How To Start Your Collection?

Italian pottery has been vastly popular over the last few years and it’s growing in popularity by the day also. The truth is with this type of pottery you are getting [...]

What Do You Know About Italian Pottery/Dinnerware?

Italian Ceramic Dinnerware
I am a great fan of museums as it gives one an in-depth picture of different cultures of different times. Though museums hold many types of artefacts of different times but my [...]

3 things to know about Italian pottery Dinnerware

How about we simply examine three things about Italian dinnerware and related frill, in light of the fact that in the event that they are you're center, they offer a shame of [...]

What is Pottery and What Do You Use it for?

Pottery is ages old. Dating as far back as 18,000 B.C. people have been creating artwork through the manipulation of clay and heat to create beautiful artwork through pottery. [...]

Relieving Stress with Pottery Fun

Pottery Fun
Over the years, psychologists and psychiatrists have suggested ways to redirect negative energies. Often there are pills involved or some form of in-house therapy. What people [...]

Italian Pottery – Ageless Beauty

Italian Pottery
Since 1350 Italian pottery artwork has amazed millions of people. The majestic and intricate designs have made Italian pottery coveted art pieces for hundreds of years. [...]
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